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Become a Global Citizen!

We have partnered with EF Tours to provide our students with safe culturally immersive educational tours around the world. We give students the opportunity to travel to different countries and become Global Citizens.

We are able to provide students the opportunity to travel and set up affordable payment plans years in advance. Most tours are all inclusive. Please contact me if you would like to travel to our next destination. 

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Each trip is different and offers our students different opportunities to explore, learn and give back.

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Every Other Year

Every other year we spend 4 days visiting key cities in Florida. We arrive in Orlando and stay there every night. During our stay, we visit Epcot and explore the world thru Disney's eyes. From Orlando, we go to Saint Petersburg and visit the Salvador Dali Museum. While we are in the area, we stop at Ybor City and explore the Cuban settlement and the history of the city. We also stop in Tampa and visit the Univerity of Tampa. On our way back we visit Saint Agustine, the first city in the US. This is not an EF Trip. We put this together ourselves.


Summer 20016

Our first tour. With well-protected national reserves and an unparalleled diversity of wildlife, Costa Rica is the jewel of Central America. Students visited the Arenal region which showcases a volcano, hot springs, and a broad range of flora and fauna. In Monteverde, they toured the greenery of the Santa Elena Cloud Forest, then in Manuel Antonio National Park, saw sloths, toucans, and howler monkeys. ¡Pura Vida!



Summer 2017

Our Dominican Republic trip was a trully life-changing experience for the students. We arrived in Santo Domingo and then traveled to the beautiful city of Monte Cristi. There the students worked everyday preparing lesson plans to teach English to several local elementary schools. We also took tours around the city to know its rich culture and history.


Summer 2018

Students examined the intertwined histories and enduring cultures of Italy and Spain, Students explored art, architecture and mouth-watering cuisine. From the Piazza Navona and Park Güell to the Colosseum and Sistine Chapel, gain new perspectives on these pillars of Europe.



Summer 2019

China was once in a lifetime experience. We arrived in Beijing where we visited the Forbidden City, experienced Chinese culture—from a Legend of Kung Fu show to a Peking duck dinner—and visit the greatest monument of all: the Great Wall.


Summer 2020 - CANCELLED

This trip is not an EF Trip. This trip was in partner with Ideal Spanish Mexico, a language and culture institute. Students were to take Spanish classes in the mornings and explore the rich culture of Oaxaca in the afternoons. Activities included visiting the beautiful Hierve el Agua, wooden carving animals (alebrijes) and cooking classes. Students were to stay with families. The fee includes the classes, lodging, all meals, and all transportation within Mexico. Airfare is not included. 

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Summer 2022

With the Global Pandemic, we will re-evaluate our student international traveling. Our goal is to make every trip a life-changing experience while keeping them safe. We tend to set trips within 1-3 years in advance to give students the opportunity to make smaller payments. We will explore trips for 2022-2023. We hope you can join us!




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